kay sy dynamics

Kay Sy is the Philippines’ first Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, expertly trained under the Plant-Based Nutrition Program and the FM Approach. Her expertise in Nutrition and Pilates created Kay Sy Dynamics, a platform wherein she can share how food and Pilates helped her through her journey and find her place on the road to healing and wellness.




A Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Plant Based Nutritionist and a Certified Pilates Instructor, Kay Sy has been in the field of health and wellness most of her life. Since 2001, she has been doing Pilates to help manage her scoliosis and neck problems. In her years of practice, Kay realized that Pilates became more than just physical therapy for her conditions. She fell in love with the program and the science behind each movement. She took her practice to the next level by getting her International Instructor Certification for Mat Pilates from the BASI Pilates Singapore in 2010 and for All-Apparatus Certification (Classical Method) from San Diego, California in 2018 . Since then, she has taught in several studios in Singapore, Manila and the US. Kay offers mat and machine based classes for both Men and Women with a focus on tailor-fitted programs in several partner studios across the Metro.

In the same way that Kay believes in tailor-fitting her Pilates classes, she applies the same philosophy to health and nutrition. You would often hear her say, “Nutrition and diet is not a cookie cutter approach. There is no one formula in eating healthy and nourishing the body”.


Kay’s journey with nutrition started even before her practice of Pilates. Ever since she was a young girl, she has been battling with severe skin conditions, constant migraines and extreme digestive imbalances. Her skin conditions and constant pains limited her in many ways. In her journey to healing her skin and degenerative conditions, she chanced upon food intolerance testing and nutritional therapy at the age of 21. It was then did she really connect the link of how food can really help heal the body. As soon as she eliminated all her food intolerances, there was a radical shift in her health and well-being. Pains and skin conditions were down to a minimum and she was starting to live normally. She incorporated whole, real and unprocessed foods into her diet and soon felt better. Motivated to understand learn more about nutrition and how to support more people through food, she took a Plant-Based Nutrition Course from Cornell University in 2012.

Seeing the need to take it to the next level, Kay found Functional Medicine and saw how it is very much in line with her beliefs in health and nutrition. In July 2017, Kay obtained her Certification as a Health Coach from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, graduating in Dallas, Texas. Today, Kay works together with her clients and their FM Doctors and applies the functional medicine health coaching approach to achieve health and wellness.

Kay is continuously studying and keeping herself up to date with the evolution of food and nutrition. She is especially passionate about supporting women and helping them achieve their best health. Amongst the different issues that women face, she particularly focuses on hormones, adrenal health, gut imbalances and emotional well-being.

If you are looking to change your lifestyle, eat healthier, lose weight and even address difficult issues like diabetes, heart problems and cancer through nourishing foods, you are in the right track! Send us a message and we would be more than happy to help you and guide your through your journey to a happy healthy body!

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